22 November 2019

Getting closer!!

Well this is what I was aiming for in this post (pictures below) - believe it or not!!!   A Santa head.  

These are a few of the attempts that I found on and around my tatting chair! 

BUT this pattern isn’t quite ‘there’ yet.

I’ve actually almost got it sorted now but just need to get the web page up and running before I share.  Check back on Monday when I WILL have it done.  That'll make me get it finished as I've promised in public!!!

Snowflakes are beginning to bore me even though I did that last lot of midi ones.  I'm trying to be a bit different this year and there’s more to come AFTER the Santa head and hopefully next week too.

Hold tight - you’re going to need more red and white thread and black, white and pink (yes, PINK) beads before the end of next week.  


Tim Kaylor said...

Now tat a cat on a beach. (Sandy claws)

victats@gmail.com said...


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Santa is a tough one! It will be interesting to see which version you choose as the final one!

God's Kid said...

I had thought it might be Santa!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

A tatting Santa

Maureen said...

These will be fun!

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Happy Beaks
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