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25 November 2019

Moaning Monday

There's one thing that's guaranteed to drive me bonkers. Well, more bonkers than I usually am!!!

One of those things is the re-naming of perfectly fine tatting terms. After all a ring is a ring, a chain is a chain and a split ring is a split ring etc. BUT why do people go out of their way to confuse this old git by calling a ring on a chain a 'thrown ring'. 

For goodness sakes I know we've all wanted (and probably have) thrown a shuttle at the wall, floor etc but we don't and can't throw rings!!! They're attached. 

I know what other people think 'thrown rings' are but to me they are simply rings on chains. They've always been called that and that's one of the reasons I still call mine - rings on chains or RoCh.

To me a thrown ring is this. Bina came up with this many years ago in 2008 and called it a loop tatted ring. I always think of a thrown ring as this. I did draw this out for my own benefit a few years ago and this is the link to my page.


Jane McLellan said...

Terminology can certainly be confusing. You think you've come across a new technique and then find it's an old one by a new name!

Maureen said...

Jenni Clark tried to teach me how to do loop tatted rings, but I failed in that technique too! I think of thrown rings as being the ones that you don't! - but as Judith Connors is always telling us, there is nothing new in tatting.

Tim Kaylor said...

Thrown rings, your ring on a chain, are also called floating rings. I call them thrown rings.

Patti said...

I agree with you Jane. A ring on a chain is just that, a ring on a chain and made with the second shuttle, aka chain thread.

Judith Connors said...

In the older 'olden days', the technique was called 'climbing into a ring' (from a chain). These days I'll settle for 'floating rings', as you can find such rings on onion-ring designs by Tina Fraugerger. See her popular 'Design 32'.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks everybody. So, Judith, for the notation would you use FR for floating ring? I must change my ways and get ‘modern’!!!!

Liyarra said...

Well goodness me Miss Jane! That is just the thing to get me out of this pickle in a design I just did!!!!
Thanks! Xx

Jane Eborall said...

It’ll be interesting to see what terminology you use!!!!! I like a good moan but not very good at it!!!

Judith Connors said...

Jane, as floating rings can now appear in designs on either chains or rings, I just refer to them as 'floating'. Of course, the techniques for placing them in different position may vary. I guess I am treating them from a visual perspective in a design, not how they are created. The KISS principle.

Jane Eborall said...

Good thinking, Batman. Oh, I mean Judith!

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