3 December 2019

Tatting with a sting in it's tail.

I try to take a bit of silliness to Palmetto Tat Days when I go. Not easy as there's already a lot of silliness and fun there anyway.

This year I thought of resurrecting the fleas again and infecting people with those but it didn't 'quite' sit right with BC3. Then I thought of other infections and came up with a bug. Yes, boring I know but I do like tatty bugs!!!

This one's got a sting instead of a tail. That sting infects people with the tatting bug!!! 

If you make it (and it's very simple with absolutely no ends to hide or sew in) then be very, very careful how you handle it and who you give it to. 

Thinking about that last sentence - you don't need to be careful as the tatter will already have been stung so it's only really the recipients who need to take care!!!

Another thought about that last sentence - we actually need more people to catch the tatting bug so that the world becomes a place full of contented people making knots in thread!!!!

Having made no sense at all in this post I think I'd better stop right here and give you the link!!


Anonymous said...

You are making perfect sense to me Jane. I have just donated some tatted snowflakes to my village preschool for them to sell at their Christmas fundraiser. The lady asked if they were crochet but when I said no tatting she had never heard of it.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

So cute! This little bug looks like the perfect way to use up ends of thread on a shuttle!

Pigmini said...

You did it on purpose!! No beads in bag but lots of bits of thread!! Think it'll have to be VSP instead of beads!! Watch your inbox!!

Tim Kaylor said...

Well, Tat Days was about tails. Makes good sense. I guess the stinger is a tail of sorts.

God's Kid said...

Cute!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Made perfect sense to me. Apparently the sting DOES have some sort of effect on tatters, not just on the innocent 'victims' the tatter gives the bug to. I got one of your bugs at Tat Days, and it made my obsession with tatting even WORSE that it already was. Ended up buying WAY more thread than I'll ever live long enough to use up, as if I didn't ALREADY have way more thread than I could possibly live long enough to use up. Am waiting now, practically holding my breath, so excited about my most recent huge thread order arriving sometime in the next week or so...as if I didn't have any thread to use while I'm waiting. That bug has definitely infected me - or made the current 'infection' worse.
Looks like a fun pattern, too. Thanks for another fun one, Jane!

Patti said...

You can bring your bugs and fleas and infect Shuttlebirds anytime my dear.

Marilee Rockley said...

A great idea and so very cute! Thank you!

Phyllis said...

Another cut pattern. Will definitely be making some of these to "infect" others into the world of tatting.

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