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14 January 2020

Jan 7 motifs finished

I've done a little doily made with Jan's motif which I started playing with back here.

Now you may well wonder why I've put two pictures up today showing the same thing!!! Well that's not strictly true although I see that I've put one with the swirls going to the left (bottom picture) and one to the right!!! How dozy can I be? NO NEED to answer that!!!!

The reason there are two pictures is that there's a glaring mistake on the first one which caused me to have to take out the final motif. 

Can YOU spot it? 

There was a bit of cussing for ten seconds but I never mind re-doing stuff so that's what I did!!!


Maureen said...

No- I can't see it.I'm guessing that it must be a mistake in joining, but it eludes me. So it's perfect in my eyes.

Jane Eborall said...

Top picture at 7 o’clock. Can you see it now, Maureen?

Ellafanta said...

My guess is the mistake is on top picture.
One of the little doily turn the wrong way

Jane Eborall said...

Well spotted Elafanta. Yes at 7 o’clock on that version. I only saw my mistake once I’d scanned it!!!

God's Kid said...

Beautiful!! :)

Maureen said...

So it is! I would never have noticed that, interestingly once I saw it, it was the negative space that jumped out at me!

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