6 January 2020

Moaning Monday!

Well nothing much to moan about really but I am going to moan about being 'forced' into a purchase. 

I've bought myself a new vacuum. The old one was beginning to fail but the main problem was the fact that I was actively 'not allowed' to plug it into the usual socket in the hallway that I've been using for the past twenty plus years!!! 

The socket now has a new 'purpose' and I wasn't 'allowed' to unplug it, use it (the socket) and then put the other plug back in. So I took matters into my own hands and bought myself a new vacuum!!!! That's independence for you!!! Old Gits can still make radical decisions!!!

The old one was a Dyson but this new one is a Shark!!! AND it's cordless so no more discussions on the most convenient place to plug it in!!! 

Ah, craft related part!! It's easy to click apart and the handheld 'bit' has tools with the option to add a tight (as in the sort of thing ladies wear on their legs) or similar over one tool to 'pick up and save' any errant beads that might accidentally fall onto the floor!!! A real bonus in my little world!!! 

Want to see a picture? OK!!! 

YES I got it in the sale too and it wasn't even Black Friday - more of a grey Saturday, actually!!!


Maureen said...

Now I'm dying to know what the designated purpose of the power point has become!

Jane Eborall said...

Well I think it’s one of those plugs that you can talk to but I’m not totally sure!!!

Crazy Mom! said...

I always knew you secretly loved housework.


Alexandrite Woman said...

As I started to read, I thought you and I were in the same boat. I keep buying these handheld vacuums because I don't always want to drag out the big heavy duty vacuum. In the last ten years I've bought five of them! They just seem to die. I've tried different brands, price ranges, etc., and can't seem to find one that lasts more than 3-4 years (or less!).

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