10 January 2020

This is weird!

I've got one of the hexagons done for the next round of the patchwork but something 'strange' is happening here!!

Well I think it's strange!! The purple fabric doesn't want to play nicely with me.

All fabrics are either pure cotton or poly cotton of some sort. As they're all remnants I've no idea of their true content and this seems to be causing a problem with the purple one. 

I'm using a fabric glue pen like this to hold the papers and it works a treat with all the other fabrics but it doesn't 'like' the purple one. 

Come on, purple, get a grip on yourself and BEHAVE or you'll be on the redundancy list!!!


God's Kid said...

It's pretty even if it's a pain! ;)

Martha said...

Have you tried washing the purple fabric (if it's still a large piece)? I wonder if some fabric treatment might be making it resist the glue.

Jane Eborall said...

That’s a good idea, Martha. Shame I’ve already cut all the pieces already, though!!!! I’ll plod on with it.

Anonymous said...

I had that problem trying to attach a tatted edge to a shirt with stitch witchery. (The iron-on stuff that bonds the tatting to the shirt. The tatting was done with perle cotton and I suspect some sort of 'finish' on the cotton was preventing it from sticking to the fabric OR to the iron-on stitch witchery stuff. I suspect Martha is right and it's some sort of fabric treatment preventing the glue stick from holding the paper in place.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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