3 June 2020

After a good start

I had to carry on!!! 

This is round two and as it's only rings and chains it was really straightforward. Wonder how long I'll stay motivated?!?! 

That's the 'thing' about doilies. They remind me of my childhood as they were (along with collars) about the only patterns I could get my mucky mitts on. I have a love hate relationship with them nowadays. I HATE them because they're so darn useless in my home situation but sort of love them because they can be so pretty.

The other 'good thing' about a doily for me is that once a round is learned then it's a good carry around project to take with you. During lockdown, of course, that hasn't been required so I think this is why I'm doing the Dutch project. Also I've got more time to sit at the computer too!!!


Maureen said...

You can always frame them- my Big Black will go to a daughter who will probably never put it on the white table I have been intending it to adorn! But she will hang it on her wall.
At the moment I am not bothered about when it's going to be finished- after receiving help from Renata, I am
once again enjoying the process of tatting, and in some ways I don't want it to end!

Jane Eborall said...

I’ve got enough ‘bits’ of tatting hanging around, Maureen and to be honest I don’t really like them in my sight!!! Once a piece is done it’s of no interest to me whatsoever!! I know I’m odd!!!

Jane McLellan said...

Looks so dainty! There's an interesting article in Piecework about doilies, history of, interest in.... There's a link to it on Craftree.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Craftree - I forget about that site. Thanks for the reminder, Jane. Off for a look!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Very pretty! I'm afraid all those chains would do me in.

Tim Kaylor said...

Well, Jane, I love my doilies. I have them under everything. They are all over my house,including on the walls in frames. I still have places to put them so I will continue to make them.

Jane Eborall said...

Good job we’re all different, Tim or I wouldn’t have a fabulous friend to test tat them for me!! Thank YOU.

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