9 June 2020

Snip, snip, snip!!!

This is/was/will be round 4 eventually!!!! I got to the end of round four (middle picture) and realised there was a mistake in round 3!!! 

Well that's a whole round cut out!!!

Guess what? It was totally and utterly my own STUPID fault too. Can you see that in round 3 there is a join to the middle of the two joined picots - where the cut threads are? Well, I missed one join there. I'd checked before starting round four too and it all looked fine. The bottom picture is the sad remains!!! 

When I had cut it off and started wondering quite how to repair round 3 I found that it was actually the last part of that round where I'd gone wrong so I was soon on my way again. More another day!!


God's Kid said...

Oh man! I hate when that happens! I make my own mistakes like that all the time! ;)

Jane McLellan said...


Kathy Niklewicz said...

I've been trying to keep up with your blog - just haven't commented.
I can't get over how productive you are in all your endeavors!
And it overwhelms me to see all this snipping and re-tatting!
I do like the name you'll be calling it, and I admire your patience!

I do want to ask if you're aware of the new Blogger interface, which is supposed to go into effect 'soon'. I've just now become aware of it! I know I haven't posted in my lace blog in a good while - but I have a couple of private Blogger blogs. I get nervous when they make changes so I'm wondering if they are really making improvements or just making changes for no particular reason. I want to have more choices for the type font styles and sizes and header colors, and also the spacing between paragraphs. I'm coming to the expert for your opinions! Although I have experimented with my private blogs by putting in 'tabs' and other things, I'm terrified to make ANY changes on my lace blog!

Marilee Rockley said...

Wishing that tatting had a reset button.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Kathy, if only blogger would make things better!!! On the whole I’ve not got many complaints although at the moment I’m battling the adverts I run on the blog. I do NOT like them in the middle of my blog post or being too prominent. I’ve tried all sorts of things to remove or move the ads but to no avail. I just wish I could get them to show where I want them. OR even take them off altogether although I’ve tried and failed on that too.
I also tried the new blogger interface a while ago but then went back to the old one as I didn’t like it.
One tip though is to download a copy of the blog before starting to experiment!!!

Anonymous said...

On the bright side, you'll already be familiar with the rows you snipped off, so they will go much faster this next time around. And even though it's redoing something you THOUGHT was done already, it's still tatting, so it's still something pleasant and relaxing to do. :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Thanks so much for the quick response! I very much prefer Blogger to other blog formats and I'm generally pleased with it. I've never understood the attitudes of some who think Blogger is inferior.

We've been through this kind of 'update' before, but I don't need anything else to 'annoy' me in these nerve-wracking times. They claim we won't be able to return to the 'old' format after July! So I guess it's out of our control? I'm wondering if we will still have access to Gina's blog, which I still visit often.

I'm still in awe of your pattern section and your expertise with computers! I envied those who were able to attend your classes, when you were able to meet with them in 'normal times'!

As to the advertising on your blog, I find the ads a little distracting sometimes, but it would never stop me from visiting your blog!

Thanks again for 'being there' for us with your cheerful and informative posts. I also enjoy your Facebook 'wanderings' through the town. It has to be so bizarre not to have crowds there!

Jane Eborall said...

Kathy - I did think of moving to Wordpress but I still like blogger and it's so easy to search for things here too. I use my blog as a reference to what I did and when I did it!!!
WE should still have access to Gina's blog, I'm sure.
I'm still trying to move the adverts to another place on the blog but am loathe to get rid of them altogether as the income (from every time somebody clicks on them) pays for the pattern site. Well, barely and sometimes 'not quite'.
I'm missing the people round the town but it feels safer without them at the moment!!

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