31 July 2020

Marie's finished doily Irene

Marie very kindly offered to test tat Irene for me and this is her rendition which is SOOOOO pretty.

She used Lizbeth size 20 in coral pink (number 608) and shell pink (626).  Interestingly hers measures 10 3/4" whereas mine measures 11" when worked in size 40!!!  Isn't that interesting?  I'm a tight tatter and so is Marie!!!  Who knows.  

I'm hoping that I can get the pattern up over the weekend so keep your beady eyes open for it - probably on Monday if I don't have a moan!!!


Jane McLellan said...

It is, very pretty.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Very pretty! I love the soft colors!

God's Kid said...

That is fabulous!!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Yes. It is so pretty and love the color.

West Pine Creations said...

Thanks for allowing me, the opportunity, to test tat the beautiful doily.

Judith Connors said...

We're glad that you did, Marie. It's quite delicate.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

When viewing the photo in enlarged format, I was blown away by all the 'textures' in the chains with Victorian sets! Marie did a great job!

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