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3 August 2020

Moaning Monday

What am I moaning about today?  Well it is Facebook or rather Facebook users.  

Now you'll rarely see me on Facebook and any information 'up there' will give you very little facts about me.  Why?  Well I don't think anybody would be interested anyway.  I lead a quiet life.  Or try to!!!  The only information you may see there are my walks or occasional forays out of town.

I belong to a lot of groups - some I've deliberately joined and some I'm not quite sure how I 'got there'.  I have NO problems with that and particularly the tatting groups.  I love reading the questions and the answers given even though the answers sometimes make me cringe.   

How do I know what goes on if I don't like Facebook?  Well I have email notifications drop into my inbox regularly and I read those.  I do occasionally click on one and go take a better look and I sometimes put on a 'notify me' to a thread that may interest me or where I think I can eventually help out with the question asked.  I rarely jump in to answer a question immediately as there are those who seem to live on Facebook and are quite capable of answering such queries.  

What I REALLY HATE is those threads where a question has been adequately answered and others go and repeat and repeat the same thing without READING THE PREVIOUS POSTS.  That really makes my blood boil.  I'm seeing it more and more lately.  If you are interested or can help with an answer to a question PLEASE READ the other answers before pitching in.

Now for a picture to brighten up this post!!!


Lyn Clements said...

Beautiful photo Jane and yes I agree with you about people not reading answers before answering themselves.

Ninetta said...

In general I enjoy FB. But yes agree, someone doesn't read previous comments, but I think virtual life is a mirror of real life, actually there's always someone who doesn't pay attention/doesn't care to what you say. Love your photos of boats and gardens.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, my gosh, Ninetta, you are SO right. It does happen in real life too!!!!

Tim Kaylor said...

I don't face books so I can't comment on that. I do like the photo. Looks like a thatch roof. As a former roofer I find that interesting, to say the least. OK. Back to clunies.

Maureen said...

Guilty!- sometimes I come late I to a discussion, ndash there can’ be many comments which i don’t always read carefully.
But if I find that I’ve inadvertently duplicated a question, I always delete my own comment.
At least, I think I do! Facebook can be frustrating, something you have seen in the morning has completely vanished by the afternoon.

I love pictures of thatched cottages,

Jane Eborall said...

Naughty girl, Maureen!!!! I tend to put notifications on a post I can answer but wait to see what others say first!!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love the photo! Years ago there was a home in the western suburbs of Chicago that had a thatched roof. It was beautiful, but looked totally out of place in Illinois! I agree with you about Facebook. The comments can be quite a source of entertainment!

Jane McLellan said...

It happens on WhatsApp groups too. Or someone will post something that is already there, just above! The problem I have with Facebook is that things disappear and it’s not always easy to find them again.

Jane Eborall said...

Agree about things disappearing, Jane. That’s why I stick to my blog as it’s easy to search and find things on there. On other people’s blogs too.

Jane McLellan said...

I agree entirely. Can’t understand why Facebook seems to be more popular than blogs now.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I agree with all the frustrations with Facebook mentioned above. I'm so glad you're not abandoning your blog!

This magnificent photo should be on a calendar! I do enjoy your trips around town!

picotsnkeys said...

I face plant when I have to Facebook! Most of the time, I avoid it. Occasionally, I get the person who can't think without doing it on Facebook. I only get forceful when she posts pictures of me in locations that can be easily identified. At least now we can report posts and get them removed if they're really bad.
Thatch must be as common around you as tile is around here. Very practical.

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