8 September 2020

Grace - endless hearts

I’ve been playing with Grace’s lovely little hearts braid and corner.  The reason I stopped where I did was because I decided I didn’t like the colour combo!!!!  That is typical of me.  

I’ve used a size 40 thread and I extended the long chains too as I like the space above them.  When I get back to it again (and I will) I will use size 40 once more.  I wasn’t happy with parts of it and I’m afraid I abandoned the EPJ join in favour of a regular lock join with a vsp over it.  Just one join was a bit of a pain without the EPJ but a ‘poke your hook into the base’ proved easier than I thought!!!  

This is a delightful little pattern and it’s so kind of Grace to give it away for free too.  Thanks, Grace.


God's Kid said...

Can't wait to see what colors you use next!! It looks good!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

I didn’t use the epj either. I like the pattern but my attempt at epj was rather lumpy.

il mio chiacchierino said...

splendido complimenti

Elizabeth said...

Love it. Thank you.

Judith Connors said...

I've loved Grace's braid design for some time and was so pleased that she finally published the pattern.

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Happy Beaks
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