28 September 2020

Moaning Monday!

This Monday (I’ve had a break from moaning for a week or two) I’m moaning about time!!!!  
I’m nearly 77 and it just seems to fly.  Whatever I do it just ‘goes’.  

I’m working on a new design for a special reason (to be announced soon, I hope) and then along comes another ‘little’ job.

In this day and age it never fails to amaze me how people ‘find’ people even if they haven’t seen or heard from them for many years.  

A friend found me through a google search - she lives about twelve miles away.  Thanks to her finding my pattern site and contacting me I may have something really different to show you soon too.  I will have to ask her permission about sharing when we’ve worked out exactly what she needs.

I’m also very tempted to continue with the Fandango too but trying to keep it for when I’m burnt out on the other projects.  Meanwhile I’m going to add a picture - just to make something different for you to look at.  Another part of my life - walks around my area.


Pigmini said...

Can I come on that narrowboat please??

Jane McLellan said...

Never enough hours in the day! Which has to be better than sitting around wondering how to pass the hours.

Jane Eborall said...

Well you'll have to ask the owners, Pigmini!!!!
You're soooo right, Jane. Just been asked to do a commission piece which will keep me busy for a fair while. Hope to be able to blog it in the future!!

Maureen said...

I saw a very beautiful version of the Fandango tatted as a Magic Square on Saturday!

Jane Eborall said...

And I know who showed you too, Maureen!!!!

Tim Kaylor said...

Is that the Avon river that Stratford is upon? I wish there was scenery like that nearby so I could walk around it.

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, Tim, it is the Avon that we're 'upon'!!!

picotsnkeys said...

A wise person once advised me to manage my energy, not manage my time. I try, but I'm not always wise. Sometimes everything seems to just go "poof!"

Liz.. said...

That picture reminds me of what the Ouse looks like in Bedford - well, it did look a bit like that last time I was there!!! Much greener than here in Melbourne, Oz!!
The Fandango piece - isn't that one of your bookmarks? I love it with the variegated threads, - or are they worked in just 2 colours - the mauve and green catches my eye...!!! (And at 77 you are still a youngster, Jane. I am 84!)

Jane Eborall said...

Well, Liz, it’s about to get a whole lot greener - we’ve got days of rain forecast and it’s doing it’s best to live up to it already!!
The motif I’m using is the Fandango one, yes. I’ve added a ring to the middle just to make it slightly more dense.
The threads I’m using are sewing threads and I’m running two together to get the variated look. Some are plain and some of the threads are themselves already variegated. I love playing with colours!!!!
I’m aiming to get to 84, Liz if only to use up some more of my stash!!!!

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