30 September 2020

The daytime job!!!

Well I HAD to make one (or maybe two)!!!!  

I realised that if you're going to make a folding up bag to go in your pocket (or, in my case, my dedicated Covid bag) then it's got to be made of thin strong fabric.  I've used a thin cotton for this one but feel I should've used something like shower curtain fabric.  Due to the darn virus going shopping in Birmingham for the right fabric is currently impossible.  Also I'd have to look for small prints of plain on something this size.  

Still it was fun to make and simple too once BC3 got it into his brain!!!!  Off to make another now as I've got a plan for it!!!

If you want to see how simple it is do visit the link above and watch how easy it is to fold back up.


Jane McLellan said...

Wow, I might need to make one of those! Thanks for the link.

Maureen said...

It would make a perfect small Christmas present too! Maybe I’ll think about trying one as it’s all straight stitching! I like your fabric, I have just bought a new spotty shirt which matches your bag.

Phyllis said...

Nifty. I can see where these would come in handy - like shopping!

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Happy Beaks
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