3 September 2020

Only 'just'!!!

I thought it was going to be a bit 'iffy' trying to stretch my leftovers out to a second glove but it WORKED!!!

Can you see the little ball which is all I had left of the original?  

I must admit to a mild panic when I'd got the second finger done - would I have enough for two more fingers AND a thumb?  

Well I'm going to call these my 'bonus' gloves.  The original pair I made a few years ago are so, so warm.  I may keep these as 'spares' or my kids may like them.  If I give them away and then lose the originals then that will be a darn good excuse to BUY yarn to make another pair.  I do like knitting gloves.  

Hang on a minute - I think I've got more 'odd balls' of four ply yarn lurking in my stash.  Wonder if there's enough for another pair?  

More to follow!!!  Well, I hope!!!  


Maureen said...

Careful -Diane will reach over the internet and pluck them right off your page! They’re blue, aren’t they....
How do you avoid the hole that always seems to be a bother around the thumb stitches?
Not much use for woolly gloves in Queensland, but I do like yours.

Jane Eborall said...

Don’t worry, Maureen I’ve erected an electrified fence around them to keep Diane away!!! This time round I’ve not had the gaps problems at the base of fingers and thumb but they are a pain I admit. A lovely lady has contacted me this morning about a pattern where you knit the fingers and thumbs and then make the palm (joining in the fingers), join in the thumb and work down the palm to the cuff. I’ll definitely be making those sometime in the future.

God's Kid said...

Great gloves!! :)

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Happy Beaks
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