4 September 2020

The forgotten Mrs Odum!

I do love talking to other tatters round the world.  I've had long conversations with Judith Connors over the past few months.  Nearly always about tatting but also I've learned a lot about Australia and their dealings with the virus.

One of those conversations was about the now famous Mrs Odum and her daisy.  The original pattern is at the bottom of this post but I've 'fiddled' with it adding in extra joins to stabilise the long chains.  

One of the other things that has come from Judith and our conversations is a recommendation for a television series called Harrow.  We binge watched it night after night.  Thanks, Judith for your friendship, knowledge and inspiration.

Here is the front, then the back of my latest Odum.


God's Kid said...

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

West Pine Creations said...

This is one of my favorite patterns. Love the twist.

Elizabeth said...

I have tatted the original one but I really do like your new version.

Judith Connors said...

Love your variation of the daisy, Jane1 The colours and the bling work so well.

We've had fun bouncing ideas around during this pandemic, haven't we? You're welcome.

Ninetta said...

I love it!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I always thought this was an amazing and clever design. So glad we know the designer's name. Your new version is spectacular! I have never tried the pattern. Seems like it takes a lot of patience and perfect tension with all those chains.

That's a Superstar collaboration - you and Judith Connors!

Judith Connors said...

Thank you. Kathy, if you would like to know more about Mrs Odum, visit https://craftree.com/wiki/Odum,+Margaret.

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Happy Beaks
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