12 October 2020

Monday Moan - just a simple question

When somebody accuses you of an action, in public, that you know nothing about and had no part in then why can't they say 'sorry' when they know they're wrong?

To cheer you up - a photo from one of my recent walks.


Jane McLellan said...

Ah, some folk are simply incapable of saying sorry. Love the autumn shades on your walk.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I wouldn't mind knowing the answer to that one.

Maureen said...

Rise Above It!
A very useful philosophy, one I espouse.
Here the jacaranda is in bloom, and the flowering gums too. Storm Season looms.

Tim Kaylor said...

Think south end of a north bound horse. There is always one about.

StringyDogs said...

Insecurity. You can take solace in knowing you are the stronger person.

Anonymous said...

Think water running off a duck's back. Don't let it bother you. If a garbage truck is full and tips over, garbage spills out. Some people have a similar problem. As long as you don't allow THEIR problem to become 'your' problem, everything's ok. Don't stoop to their level, rise above it.

...and the picture is beautiful. Such a lovely place to take a walk. Thanks for sharing it.

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Happy Beaks
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