14 October 2020

My FAVOURITE metallic thread

Un flipping believable.

For two years now I've been waiting for a supplier of thread here in the UK to get a certain metallic thread back in her shop.  I'm afraid I have nagged a bit too and I apologise for that!!!
It’s the only metallic thread I’ve ever really rated on all scores - Nakis Simi.  I simply LOVE it.  I bought some off her a year or more ago but it was purple and I really wanted gold as I have very little left.  I like the Lizbeth range of metallics but found it works up a little too 'fat' for me.  I guess that maybe it's because I'm getting a little too 'fat' myself!!!

I actually had time the other day to ask Mr Google about it and he found me some in Estonia.  

Now that’s a long way to go to find thread but needs must.  I ordered two spools.

It cost me £10.50 which was mainly for postage.  Each spool costs under a pound so it was a lot for postage. BUT considering it arrived in ten days and that if I’d ordered within the UK it may have cost me two pounds or more in postage alone then it’s amazing value.  

AND I know I love it and each spool will last forever - there's soooo much on each one (100 metres).  I ordered two spools.  This is the link to the shop if you want to browse and this is the link to my all time favourite metallic thread

I use it a lot for making bells using the bauble method and do have a pattern for that on my web site here.  The pictures show bells I made with the Nakis Simi too.

Amazing company and I'm now thinking I really, really need some more silver!!!


Jane McLellan said...

In time for Christmas tatting too.

Jane Eborall said...

Exactly, Jane!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I refuse to be tempted to buy more thread! As lovely as this looks, I have too much to go through already! ;-)

Jane Eborall said...

So do I, Diane but .......... This is my favourite of all time threads and I’ve waited about two years to get my mucky mitts on it!!! That’s MY excuse and I’m sticking to it!!!!

Pam said...

What size does that thread equal = so afar all i have found i don't like

Jane Eborall said...

Pam I would say it works out as a 40 in size although I've never tested it. As it's so pretty I've always used it just on it's own so size has been irrelevant.

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