29 June 2022

Progress on the waistcoat

Well that took some taking apart!  As you can see on the top photo below I got the zip out pretty easily but when I took the photo I was about to tackle the collar.  Sheesh.  That and the armhole facings were a struggle.  

The two photos in the middle are some scrap cotton fabric that I've 'stuck on' with wonder web over the holes for the original pockets.  I'll think about pockets when/if I finish the project.  The bottom photo is how the waistcoat looks now.

The next decision is how to make the patchwork to cover the fleece.  I need to look through my 'scrap stash' to see what would be the best size to use up all the bits and pieces I've got.  I don't want to start cutting into large pieces as that would be wasteful.  More another day.


Jane McLellan said...

Sounds as though the original was well made!

GoldenMom said...

Wow! That's quite a project. I am currently making a "waistcoat" too. I've put lots of applique on mine as I plan to use it for one of my "dog show" outfits. So far, I am making progress, but it's slow. I have the lining cut out and the batting (as it will be quilted too), but I only have one side of the front appliqued. Much yet to do. It may be a project that goes into the autumn! I'll look forward to seeing yours.

Jane Eborall said...

Well after doing the patchwork jacket last year I thought the waistcoat would be easier. BUT it isn’t for some reason!!! I’m enjoying the challenge though. You’ll take all the attention off the dogs in yours!!!! Slow is a good word as I keep doing a bit, falling out of love with it, then back in love etc etc. I’m going to make a concerted effort on mine next week!!!!

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