17 March 2023

A start has been made

I've made a start on the new green jumper!!! I'm having to read the destructions VERY carefully as this is a totally new experience for me!!! 

First I made the left front shoulder and realised that I'd NO experience whatsoever with reading knitting charts!! A first and a challenge for BC3!! Before that, though there were short rows to add to the mix!!

Just got started and lo and behold I had to shape the front neck. Those few stitches were then put on a holding thread while I tootled off to start on the front right shoulder, short rows and again starting the cable off too. 

You can see on the picture below that I'm 'on the way' but it's a challenge.


God's Kid said...

I know nothing much about knitting, but it looks like you are off on a good start!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

That’s certainly keeping bc3 engaged. I like working from knitting charts.

Marilee Rockley said...

Wow, cables and all! Impressive start.

GoldenMom said...

Me thinks that you like to challenge bc3! I've never tried to read the knitting charts either. Maybe you'll inspire me!

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Happy Beaks
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