22 November 2023

Waiting in the wings!!

I’m not sure if I’ve shown you before but this is some yarn that Nancy kindly gave me when we met up in town a month or ‘several’ ago.  She lives in Birmingham.  No, not the one along the road but the one in Alabama!!!  
This is 4 ply and will probably be turned into more socks - unless I can find another project that takes my fancy!!!  I need a break from socks, really!!!


Maureen said...

Try a small shawl, it’s a lovely colour.

Jane McLellan said...

Enjoy contemplating what to do with it, it’s lovely.

Rose Anne B said...

Pretty colour! Enjoy!

Lavinia said...

That's very pretty yarn. I'm sure whatever you make will look great!

Anonymous said...

There are many patterns 'out there' for small shawls that use only one skein of sock/fingering yarn.

PerĂº said...

Your post addressed exactly what I needed. Grateful for your relevance.

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Happy Beaks
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