6 December 2023

A new short term project

I was given a brand new poncho some time ago and I just knew I’d never wear it.  The person who’d made it had given it to somebody else who then passed it on to me!!!  So the poor thing felt really unloved.
I took it apart and wound it up into balls.  Having donated three scarves (see here) and (here) to the food bank which they were really grateful for, I decided that they may need some gloves for those really in need.

I’ve never done fingerless gloves before as my favourite (to wear) are the top down to cuff ones that I make.  Here’s the pattern should you want it.  So I started looking for a pattern and came up with this one which was a lucky, lucky find.

This is my first pair.


Jane McLellan said...

Wonderful! As you know, I like knitting fingerless gloves. They seem to be popular, so I’m sure the food bank will be glad of them and find them a good home.

Rose Anne B said...

Good idea to recycle this way! Thank you for the pattern link too!

Anonymous said...

Great job Jane - I'm going to try them also!

GoldenMom said...

Thanks for sharing these patterns Jane! I think I'm going to try both once I'm finished with all of the Christmas projects I still have to complete. I have some yarns that I think will work well.

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Happy Beaks
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