23 October 2006

Antique Lace

Antique lace - some of which I need help with in identifying. Please contact me on lovetotat@gmail.com if you can help.

5 above are crochet and measure 6"

Above is Irish crochet in a fine thread - possibly 60 - 80.

Irish again above measures 15" perfect.

Crochet above measures 12" perfect.

This may be bobbin 19" across and perfect condition.

Not known - help needed 9" perfect.

Knitted - I think.

Possibly bobbin 7" across perfect

No idea - 13/14" perfect and I have two!

Think this may be needle - it's spectacular perfect and 16"

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Anonymous said...

Jane - a few mis-attributions.

5 doilies together "knitted6inches.jpg" all are indeed knitted (caption says crochet)

19" oval coily - bobbin, not the best workmanship which is probably why you're confused.

Not known 9" - bobbin

Knitted I think - knitted indeed - same pattern as the set of 5.

7" possibly bobbin - bobbin indeed, I've seen that pattern mass-produced from China a lot

13/14" no idea: Bobbin!!! Beauty!! Not fair that you have two!! An expert in tape laces will have eto tell you which type - my guess is Idrija but it could be just about any of them.

Needle16inches - needle indeed, nice fairly modern piece.


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