22 October 2006

Why I've been quiet lately!

This is why I've been quiet!! I listed some tatting on ebay and orders for more stuff has been coming in. I've still got a hanky edging in white to complete and a pair of babies booties. Then there may well be a pair of seahorse earrings too. Another lady wants a starfish but the idea's still in my head!!!
Just to show you some of what I've been up to!

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Needledreams said...

They are so pretty! I love the seahorses and the fishes. I want to make several of them for an "aquarium" 'cause I can't have pets in Egypt. Will se if I can tat some of them.

Seashells and starfishes are great ideas. I don't think I have seen any online... Hmm... A new challenge? LOL

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Happy Beaks
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