27 April 2007

Close up of my picture

Now I wonder how many people have noticed that I've changed my picture on the blog. A more up to date (and older version) of me!!! I'm so glad it's only small - the horrors of my face cannot be seen!!! Mind, if it was a close up you could see why I never look in mirrors!! Anyway, below is a close up of the tshirt!!! Hope you like it!!!
I may just get the pattern for the eye onto my pattern pages over the weekend - a lot depends on the weather, though as well as my memory!!!!


Anonymous said...

Can I just say that it upsets me, as a regular reader of your blog, to hear you refer to yourself in such negative terms like "horrors of my face". If you must go in for unjustified self-loathing, please can you not put it in your blog posts?

Jane Eborall said...

Hey, SharonC, t'was just a joke at myself!!! I'm always making fun of myself - it's just the way I am!!!! If the world laughs with me I'm happy! Sorry if it offended you.

Bits and Bobs said...

Love the t-shirt - the picture is O.K. too. When I get around to really figuring out my Blog wou'll start looking in mirrors again. Doreen.

Tattycat said...

You and your t-shirt are both very good looking! Hope to meet you in person in September and we can compare "horrors of our faces!" Of course it's a joke. Laugh and the world laughs with you!

Gina said...

Jane, you have a very pleasant face and look quite young, IMO. And I've seen you in person!
:-) Gina

Bits and Bobs said...

I missed out a bit in my comments it should have read "when I get round to posting my photo - then you'll start looking in your mirror with gratitude"

Anonymous said...

Actually I LIKE this pic of you.......not that the other one was horrible as you say HAH ;). You are posing so nice with a great finesse and a proud look on your face that you are happy to wear the shirt that says "EYE HEART 2 TAT" and tells people about you.
I have seen you in person a few times and I am proud to call you my mum :-D

Of course I am biased...hehe

Mark, aka Tatman

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