25 April 2007

Two pairs of earrings

I'm very pleased with the orange and blue pair which I'll start testing today by wearing them. The other pair is worked in a number 40 Olympus (variegated) and a 40 Coats (?) but isn't as 'firm' as the others. Again I will test this pair out another day. They may be fine slightly stiffened. I think I may try another pair with drastic alterations to the stitch count and using a single number 80 thread. I feel it's worth playing with these a little longer!!!


Tattycat said...

I really love the earrings. They are so pretty and look like they will hold up real well. The orange and blue colors you used, however, pose a problem for an Alabama girl! The University of Alabama colors are red and white. Auburn University, our arch rivals, are orange and blue!

Valerie said...

Hi Jane

I love your earrings! They are georgeous!

Is the pattern by any chance on your website? I'd love to try tatting these too.


Jane Eborall said...

Hi Valerie
Not yet but they will be!! If you want a copy of the pattern urgently please email me at lovetotat at gmail.com I'd be happy for you to have a copy to 'test tat' for me!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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