26 November 2007

'Glam' earrings!

Now I don't 'do' glam (glamorous) as anybody who knows me will tell you!!! I'm strictly a jeans and t-shirt sort of person and always have been. BUT for some reason I do allow myself 'glam' earwigs!! This is the last in this session of making earrings. Again if anybody wants this pattern, just shout!!
Ah, just before I go - a warning. The design 'bug' has bitten again. Do watch this space!!!


Tattycat said...

They are very glamorous! I can just seem them glittering from your ears!

Needledreams said...

Oh! They're lovely and yes, they can be use with jeans and t-shirts. :-)

Ridgewoman said...

Denim and Diamonds. Love the "earwigs" (love that word! LOL)
I'm partial to amber - so the color 'sings' for me.


BJ in the vast wasteland called NM, USA!

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Happy Beaks
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