8 February 2008

The answer - part 2

Sharren Morgan (one of the Palmetto Tatters) mentioned the other day that she'd played with this idea. She sent in one of her pieces this morning for me to see. It's SO neat it makes me hang my head in shame. Anyway, I couldn't work out how she'd done hers so the following is her explanation. Do hope she writes this pattern down and uses it as it would make a really good lesson.

"I started opposite the tail with a small split ring. I did the red side as an SCMR, throwing off rings that I joined together, then did the split part in white and mirrored the throwing off rings and joining them together. I finished with another small split ring, then did the tail. I had one that's been long since given away that I did in a single color. "


Tattycat said...

Wow. This is way beyond me, but I would LOVE to learn! I do hope she will write it down and someone will help me learn it!

dani, the geek said...

ok, Jane...

i still don't get it... i can see that this is how you did some of it, but i can't figure out how you did the eyes in the right-hand face motif.


Jane Eborall said...

Nor me!!! I'll have to look at it again tomorrow - when the wine has worked itself out of my system!!!

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