7 February 2008

The answer

It's a split SCMR? At least I think that's what I'd call it.
I found myself in the situation the other day when I needed a split SCMR!! Now we all go through phases, I'm sure, when we really, really, really need a split SCMR!! I wondered if this was feasible and it certainly is.
This is how it would work.
You make the SCMR as you would normally but when you come to close it you pull the loop up as usual BUT leave a gap at the base. You need to be sure to hide the loop back near the base of the left hand side but this is really easy.
Next you work back over the space you've left using a split chain. Is this a new idea or am I re-inventing the wheel once more!!!
Below are two drawings that I've done to show what I'm talking about!!!!
I know this isn't 'rocket science' but I think it may come in useful - one day!!


Gina said...

well, I do like the resulting triangle shape. So ...you would have to make sure you left exactly the right amount of thread. No chance to snug up the previous tatting after you've done this!
Good Grief Jane! How do you have time to think these things up???
:-) Gina

Tattycat said...

How do you keep coming up with these things? I can definitely see that it would be useful. Now, I just have to improve on my split chains. I have a devil of a time making them look decent. Another project, another day!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - now you can start finding out just how to put a SCMR and thrown rings off the first split SCMR. With your imagination the possibilities seems endless - go for it Jane. Babette

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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