24 March 2008

Patchwork - 3

Another day and another 'round' if that's right!!! I can only get part of it on the scanner now. Next time I'll have to take a photo. That's if the sun ever appears again to allow a decent shot of it!!!
My finger's getting sore now so I'll have to find a thimble or return to do some tatting. While I'm sewing the tatting ideas are stacking up in the old brain!!!


Iris Niebach said...

Dear Jane,
though the work is wonderful, I knew you wouldn't last this long. From my point of view, I'm egoistic, I didn't love the idea that you don't tat and I'm happy to read that your brain is thinking about new tatting projects,

Tattycat said...

Very nice Jane. It is going to be beautiful. Sounds like you better tat today and let the fingers rest!

Tatman said...

I see little shuttle shapes!!!....hmmm......get out your shuttles and make shuttle motifs and applique them on those spots. Makes for a nice trim, crazy quilt style :-D

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

You're fast! Your patchwork looks wonderful! Can't wait to see your new tatting ideas!

Anonymous said...

Jane, your patchwork makes me think of a kaleidescope! Beautiful!

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