29 March 2008

Progress and lack of!!!

This is the progress on the square to fit with the diamond.
First of all there these two false starts. Where was the brain when I tried these?
Next I drew two rough ideas on the computer. BOY, were they rough too!!!! I actually used the diamond drawing and 'played' with that.

Next I tried the following but it obviously wasn't going to work but showed me a good path towards the end result. See the ghastly joins in the centre? That's cause I changed my mind!!! I then cut this piece at those joins. Can't remember why but it gave me a very good idea that if I carried on it might work out!!!

The final picture shows from left to right the progress made later in the evening. This is all to do with stitch count really. They all three look the same BUT they're not. I'm having to make the rings smaller to get the shape 'squarer' but without losing the placement of the outer picots as (at the moment) they APPEAR to fit in with the diamond. This really, really has to be tested in a largish piece to see if it will work. Do I continue with the square or start in on the triangle. All answers on a postcard, please!!!!! Or not, if you can't be bovvered!!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I really don't think I have the patience to be a designer. Just look at all you've done so far! Stitch count? I have a hard time counting the stitches while reading someone else's pattern. How could I possibly figure out the right number of stitches to make a pattern work? I say, keep going! That way I don't have to make my brain work! : )

Jane Eborall said...

Interesting comment, Diane. So you think I've got a brain? Get yourself over to the UK and find it for me, please. I've not seen it in years!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, ever since a run-in with a triangle, I now collect them - so I vote for the triangle!

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