26 April 2008

More progress but in another direction

Yesterday I did nothing much in the way of sewing. The only thing I did was to solve a problem/worry I had. The point of the 'roly poly tat bags' is that they should be easily kept in a handbag so to have a 'handle' on them would be a darn nuisance as it would keep getting caught up with stuff in the handbag. BUT you can't have a bag without a handle - trust me!! My first thoughts on this were that I should get some of the wrist length lanyards that are sold for mobile phones and other uses.
Well that's where the first stumbling block lay!! A wandered into town in the morning and the only 'supplier' was in the Antiques Arcade. He was closed. Duh, who can afford to be closed on a Friday in a tourist town like ours?!?!? Anyway, I realised after several searches online that these weren't really going to look very nice so I put the brain back to work.
While out on my afternoon walk it suddenly occurred to me that a smallish split ring would do the trick. Then, if I made a loop out of the fabric with the split ring in it the handle would become removeable and would look very smart.
So after a gossip with 'Sam, Sam the ferry man' - I went back through the town and into Robert Dyas.
This store is the apology for the really good hardware shop that we used to have in town. The ex and demised hardware shop was run by a pair of brothers who we all nicknamed 'the glums' because it was always a challenge to make them smile and became most of the reason for shopping there. Anyway, I digress as usual. I found some split rings in Robert Dyas which appeared to be just the right size and have made a handle up. This handle will now be removeable and I can put it inside the roly poly bag while it's in my handbag. Hey, howsat for inspiration!!!
I'm hoping to make a roly poly bag today - time permitting!!! If I do I'll show you tomorrow.

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