24 April 2008

Progress on sewing!!

OK for the person who stupidly asked to see the cover I made (fully lined, of course!) for the new sewing machine - here it is!!!
It's ghastly. It's worse in real life than it is here!!! I put a pocket on the other side to hold the instruction manual and on this side you can see where I made another pocket to keep other 'bits'. Next to the machine is a bag I made to put the cable and foot in!! My dearest late friend gave me the fabric and if she'd still been alive we'd have been sewing together these past few days.

I've also made my first 'prototype' bag. This is going to be my 'roly poly tat bag'!!! Just the right size to go into a handbag. This too is lined. Actually you can still see the pins where I needed to sew the lining in later yesterday evening. By hand! It measures just a tad over 6" (that's a 6" zip that I've used) and I've added a loop with a 'hooky thing' so you can hook it onto your waistband or anywhere else you like while you're using it.
I might make a few more (even though they're pretty fiddly) to sell in my etsy shop or on ebay. We'll see!!!
I EVEN found time to alter a pair of trousers for Nick - he LOVES my new machine!!!


Unknown said...

What nice sewing skills. I'm sew impressed that upi lined them. (pun intended).

Unknown said...

lol...I mean "that YOU lined them."...sew much for my pun. I'm laying down typing...lol

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

LOL! I don't know which is making me laugh harder... your post or tattingchic's comment!

I love your roly poly tat bag. I have a similar one that was given to me... it's great for on-the-go tatting projects. I'll be looking to see if they appear in your Etsy shop! : )

Unknown said...

Diane...lol...I'm so glad I could provide some entertainment for you at my own expense. That's what happens when I'm having a "Tatter's Insomniac Moment".
Jane, I too would love a roly poly tatting bag. It's the perfect size. I like those colors, too.

Jane Eborall said...

I'm going to buy some more zips today while I'm 'in the mood' for making these bags!!! I hope to make a few to sell now. Any excuse to play with the machine!!!

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