20 April 2008

New Tat it and See

Well it's official. There will be another TIAS. Not just yet but it's on the way.
This time I'm going to do it slightly differently. I could see lots of advantages to the way Diane did hers. I shall post this next one on the web site like she did. Two reasons for this.
1. It means that anybody who drifts into it half way through won't see the later posts unless they deliberately go looking for them!!! They can go straight to 'day 1'.
2. It will give me the opportunity to use this one as a teaching aid too.
One thing which most impressed me with the first TIAS was that lots of 'nervous' tatters actually tackled it because they weren't put off by what they forsaw as 'problems' for them. This meant that they actually learnt a technique or two which they hadn't come across before. (I learnt not to assume that people would always understand some things too!!).
So, this time I shall be using more diagrams and 'teaching' one or two things which some people may not have come across before. Another reason for putting it all on web pages. I will also cover the way I do things like starting without knots, adding beads (yup, there will be beads!) and another (not new) technique too.
So, that's the good news - tatland will have another TIAS. When? Maybe another month. Just depends on what happens in Janeland in the between times!!!!! Also depends on how cross I get with the design too!!!!


Unknown said...

Hmmm...sounds intriguing. Maybe I'll tackle this. I love tatting with beads. Well, I at least love the end result.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I haven't tatted with beads yet, so maybe this will be my intro!

Tattycat said...

Ooh, I can't wait!

Ridgewoman said...

WAH HOO and I like doing beads, too! Will be a 'tuff' wait - but worth it I am sure.


Anonymous said...

Oh goody, another tat-a-long!!! Waiting with bunches of anticipation....
Your hippo was a lot of fun...I did Diane's too. What fun!
Linda B.

Bonnie said...

I enjoyed the hippo, so this is definately something to look forward too. The thought of beads being a part of it only makes it better!

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