17 July 2008

I started this in January!!!!

Before I start my morning ramble I must mention that I listed some new roly poly tat bags and poke proof pouches yesterday in my Etsy shop.
OK, that's the sane bit over and done with. Now back to 'normal'!!!!!

Daft, I know but I did start this new idea in January (well Christmas was still in my mind!!!) but then made no progress. In fact this is as far as I got.  It's going to be a Christmas tree brooch.  Well, in theory!!!  What I really, really want to do is make a brooch.  I'm just SO fed up with earrings!!


I decided to have another go again during the last few days. 
The first problem, of course, is how to 'hide' the fastening at the back so I set off again with a 'braid' trunk thinking that would do it.
I got slightly further than that in January as you can tell from above, but really gave up as I realised that whatever I did the fastening would show through and the branches were so ghastly.
Then, a few days ago brain cell # 3 suggested a way of hiding the fastening behind the braid. Mind, she hasn't EXACTLY worked it out but ..........
So I've been playing. Below are the results and all worked without stopping too!!! Actually, while I was dropping off to sleep I realised that it might be better to reverse the order of working so - back to the drawing board later today!!!!


Marty said...

Hey, neat! I hope you'll share the finished pattern -- my sister would love one of these. She wears some kind of broach or pin every day.

Tattycat said...

Well, too cute brain cell #3!

Maureen said...

for those of us - and I am one of them - who don't wear earrings, the brooch idea is just brilliant! I love brooches, often wear one, and they are good for pinning to my scarves as well.
Who knows what brain cell 4 will come up with - you're on a roll! (Perhaps even a roly poly roll....)

Gina said...

I love it so far!

I'm not sure if I would like it myself, but I've seen other lacy motifs backed by felt and the finding is then hidden by the felt. But then, if you are making this for your Xmas cards/giveaways, it may take up too much time to do that.
:-) Gina

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