16 July 2008

Playing with an old motif!

This is a motif I did years ago and it's on my web site. 

The reason for yesterday's 'play' with it was twofold.  I wanted to see how sizes worked out using a quilting thread I bought in America last year.  This thread would be fine used singly for a handkerchief edging but used double it gives a lovely firm result.  In fact, come to think about it, I'd probably always use it double or even treble for everything!!

I wanted to see if the motif would work out for an earring in this thread.  I don't think it does as works out a bit too big.

I've scanned both sides of the motif and then below those pictures is a scan comparing it to an earring worked in a number 80 thread.  (Don't like the colours on that one, though!!!).



Pamela said...

Love the motif, love the colours. Do you use the new method on all those individual beads??

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love the way the motif looks on both sides. Beautiful colors!

Tattycat said...

Very pretty Jane.

TattingChic said...

Pretty motif.

Marty said...

Too big for an earring? Have you seen some of the earrings they are selling now? You could probably attach one of these in size 10 thread and someone would wear it (well, my niece would!).

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