18 July 2008

Just played yesterday!!!

The battle of the Hawthorne tree is over at last!!!  A week long battle trimming the tree in the garden has now ended so I can get back to more serious tatting, I hope!!!  

Having said that, I think I will have to make more roly poly tat bags and pouches.  I sold a matching pair in Etsy yesterday - the fastest sales I've ever made after listing.  I was sort of secretly hoping that the red bag and pouch wouldn't sell as I'd earmarked those for myself!!!  Good job I've got some more of that fabric left!!!

Anyway, yesterday evening I managed to do another sequin in colours which I wouldn't normally look at together!!!!  

I also finished off the other small dangle too.  

The blue ring is one of many, many that SueH has sent to me over the past year or two.  I did find time to sort them all out the other day and have now put all the sizes together in groups.  Not an easy task when some are 'slightly' larger/smaller than others.  Many thanks to Sue for all the rings - this blue one was just perfect.



Tatskool said...

The blue and white is perfection!!

Tattycat said...

Just beautiful!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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