20 July 2008

New arrival in tat corner!

In the wee small corner of tat land in which I sit tying knots in bits of 'string' there are sometimes new arrivals which mean a lot to me!!!  I'm just SO happy to announce that yesterday evening brain cell # 4 turned up to keep # 3 company!!!!  Somebody should point out to those scientists that not everybody's brain cells die off with old age and that one or two do survive!!!!!

As you know I've been playing with a Christmas tree brooch and the start point was going to be a braided trunk so that I could 'hide' a pin behind it.  Fine - but I wasn't happy with that.  Then I moved onto a split ring trunk which would leave the pin showing.  So, in between making roly poly tat bags yesterday afternoon I went searching for something to sew or stick behind the SR's so I could add a hidden pin.  Eureka - I found some green bias binding which (folded over) was 'just right'.  Problem solved!

So, after a glass (and a bit!) of red wine which I feel I HAVE to drink for the sake of my health, (who am I kidding?) I settled down to tat!  

AH, # 4 popped up beside me!!!  She pointed out that I really, really should writed down what I was doing this time (I usually do but hadn't bothered as it was so late on Friday when I'd decided on the SR's) and suggested too that I add beads to the centres of the SR's to hide the bias binding.  Great idea!!!   THEN I (yes, me on my own!!) wondered if the pins I'd got would go through these beads with the thread.  It worked!!!!  See below.

Now, if you think this is the end of the story then think again because I have another idea to work on too - still working with the tree!!!!!


Unknown said...

Jane, Your Christmas tree brooch is looking very good. I am so glad braincell number 4 decided to pay you a visit.

Jane Eborall said...

Thank you, Clyde. So am I!!!!!

Tattycat said...

Hooray! This is very pretty. Give my compliments to brain cell #4!

Unknown said...

What a cute little christmas tree brooch. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
This is very nice and festive. I can just see it pinned to a lapel at Christmas-time.

AnneB said...

Love your tree!

Iris Niebach said...

Now the cristmastree brooch is really cool,

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