21 July 2008

Now this is SO much better

I made a sequin motif yesterday and also a final Christmas tree.  I also managed to list the final lot of roly poly bags and pouches in Etsy.  Well, final for now as I've got to weed the garden - again!!!!

I must admit that I did play with an alternative tree but only landed up discovering something else which might be useful in the future!!!  

The tree below is OK now that I've adjusted the bead and stitch count - I've put a picture of yesterday's next to it (that's the first one on the black background) for comparison.  With this final version I've got a pointier top whichi s more 'tree like'.  I'm SO pleased with it.  

I wonder if anybody can work out how it was made?  The only clue is that there are no ends to sew in (well, there are but I have just tied a knot as it's at the back of the tree itself.  



Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I have no idea how you did it, and right now my brain isn't functioning enough to try and puzzle it out, but I love it! Thanks for bringing Christmas in July... it's so blasted hot here that I need to think of Christmas trees and snowflakes!

NormaH said...

Tee hee, I think Diane said it all for many of us!

Tattycat said...

I love the previous one, but I have to agree that the present one is better. The pointy top is very good. I am with Diane. I have no idea how you did it. My brain cells are on their way to your house. They told me your brain cell #4 invited them for tea and tatting!

Unknown said...

Oh, Yes, I love the new one, too. That little bead at the bottom of the bigger bead give it just the right finishing touch.

connie said...

Don't think that since I haven't left a comment that I haven't noticed all you've been up to lately. Thanks for sharing with all of us.
Love all of it.

Jane Eborall said...

Glad y'all like it!!! But nobody's tried to guess how I did it!!!! It'll take some explaining but it's really drop dead easy!!!!

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