25 July 2008

Same - but different!

Now, I've got loads and loads of bracelets that SueH sent me and the reason for this year's dangle was to start using those!  Well that didn't work out as the dangle is a tad too big for any of them.  It did force me to sort them and grade them into 'bundles', though!!!  

Anyway, it occurred to the aged brain cells (#1 & #2) that it might be an idea to use a size 40 thread inistead of 20.  Ah, but this would throw out the holding row for the sequin.  

Solution is below.  I used a 20 for the first row to hold the sequin and then 40 for the outer row.  It works a treat.  Then I went to choose one of the pretty rings that Sue sent.  It didn't fit any of them.  The relief is that it does fit the same size as all the others do but better.  I would've thought that going down to a 40 would do the trick but no way!!!  I think  I may experiment with other thread sizes too.  Perhaps a doubled up sewing thread?  Hmmm, watch this space!!!

Now for the rest of my tat life in tat land.  I made another Christmas tree brooch too.  I really need to draw this one up and get it on my web site.  I'm sort of reluctant to part with this pattern as I want to try selling them on Etsy and/or Ebay (need to start saving in earnest for flights to get to Palmetto next year).  I think I'll let the pattern out with the 'rider' that people can make as many as they like but ask that they don't use these two outlets to sell through.  Anybody got any comments on this?  It's just too good a pattern to keep to myself.



Tattycat said...

Jane, you give so much to all of us and so freely. If you are wanting to sell these to save money for Palmetto next year no one is going to be upset if you don't give us the pattern. I'm sure most people would respect your request to not sell them on Etsy or Ebay. However, some people would be making them for themselves instead of buying yours. Sometimes you need to look after Jane!!! It is a beautiful design and I especially like the way this one turned out. Use it to your advantage!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your generosity is amazing! I see nothing wrong with asking people not to sell this item on eBay or Etsy. In fact, I see nothing wrong with holding on to the pattern for yourself for a while. Regardless of what you choose to do, I love both pieces!

Tara said...

Truly beautiful designs! I feel like Tattycat and Lace-lovin librarian it's up to you if you want to keep the pattern to yourself. Thanks for being so generous and sharing with us what you have already.


Anonymous said...

Just share them with your little sister who hasn't got time to probably make many of them anyway!

X Sally

Elizabeth said...

I definitely think you should let the pattern loose. I would only make it for myself. I really like it but I like all your patterns.Whatever you should decide to do is ok.
Mobile, Al.

Eileene said...

I think its a fine thing you do to share all your patterns.I don't have a problem obeying your wishes. Eileene aka noiseynana

Sharren Morgan said...

I agree that your generosity is known throughout the tatting world, and I have no problem with you keeping some patterns all to yourself. I want to see you at Palmettos in 2009!

Tanya said...

I did complete my tag task.. sorry it took so long... I love your ornaments.. just gorgous!!

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