22 November 2008

71 done - 4 to go!

71 blood donations and 4 to go until I may 'retire'!!!!

On Thursday I lost the little tatted hearts I made to give to the nurses at blood donor. I'd taken them to the talk I gave last Saturday and when I unpacked after that I 'put them somewhere safe'. As you do!!! They were so safe they were totally lost!!!

After two hours of searching I pulled my chair forward in tat corner and there they were - lurking on the floor. The nurses were pleased with them.

BUT the bonus of this visit wasn't the hearts but the fact that I met up with a friend I hadn't seen for over 20 years. I see her husband occasionally as he's my doctor but she's always been at another GP practice. It was a lovely, lovely surprise to see her. We made our cup of tea last well beyond the usual 'rest' time and have made appointments together for our next session.


Maureen said...

71 blood donations - that is definitely a milestone!I have donated blood only once, after one of my daughters was born. My blood type is rare, and I was asked to donate, but I was so sick after it that I have never gone back - and she's 36 now!

Martha said...

Anyone reading along here, please consider following Jane's lead and donating blood. There is always a blood shortage around the winter holiday season so the need will be especially high in the coming weeks. In the US, you can locate blood drives/centers at http://www.givelife.org
Thanks for letting me pitch my soapbox here,

Hillside Threads said...

71 Blood donations! Wow! I have given 24 so I have a long way to go to catch up! You must have seen a lot of changes over this time. Blood donation is a lot more 'user friendly' (if that is the right term) than it used to be even during the time I have been giving it, and the nurses are so cheerful it is a pleasure. So I second Marthas comments.


Jane Eborall said...

Well, Jane, considering I only went to watch a friend once and got 'caught' and then decided to go for the badge after you've given 10 then I've not done too badly. It's the thing I'm most proud of in my life. I've even managed to give within three months of having measles and shingles. This meant that the blood was even more useful for leukemia patients.

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