23 November 2008

Back to the jacket!!

To Carol and anybody else who might be wondering what's happened to the animal jacket, let me assure you all that it's back in favour again!!!!

As is my normal way of working - I'd fallen out with it for a while!! I'm now working on some braiding for the cuffs!!! After some thought I decided (or rather, 'him wot must be obeyed') suggested that there shouldn't be animals on the sleeves. I agreed that it would be 'overdone' with them on there so have done some cuff trimmings. Jennifer suggested snakes for the cuffs and I may get two done for the sleeves. Not sure until the cuffs are finished if this will 'happen'!!!!

I'd like to add to Martha's comment on yesterday's post - and point out that giving blood is not only good for the community but also a regular health check for yourself!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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