28 November 2008

The last lot!! I hope!!!

I think this is the last of the Christmas dangles. Well, it will be IF I stop giving them away to all and sundry!!!

I've decided to 'dump' three people off my giveaway list. Why? Well it seems to be one way traffic with them and I haven't heard from two of them (apart from a card) for several years. In fact the one person I haven't ever met and another not seen since I was forced into another stage of my life - and that's a loooong time ago.

I suddenly realised yesterday that I don't have a 'set' of Christmas trees for myself to wear this season. So that's my next task!! I've listed all the ones I've made in my Etsy shop - how daft is that? So I will make myself a couple of brooches and a pair of earwigs. I may make three more brooches for three women who have 'put up' with me popping into their office many times over the past few weeks and who thought I was so wrong to trust somebody else. I must add that my trust paid off!!!

1 comment:

connie said...

the colors on these are so pretty.
Lucky receipients. Keep on trusting Jane.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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