3 December 2008

Let me introduce

Before I start the daily ramble and before I forget - I'd like to tell you that I've just reduced the prices of some of the items (Christmassy ones!) in my Etsy shop.

Now - allow me to introduce you to Millie. She's the latest arrival in my small corner of tat land. Millie the Millipede arrived yesterday evening. She asks you to excuse her dress sense as she didn't have the right colours on shuttles close to hand to show herself off at her best!!!! I actually think she needs a hat too. I've only posted a small picture as a 'teaser'. I'm adding her to my portfolio (doesn't that sound posh!) of patterns I'll be submitting for a teaching post at the Palmetto tatters tat days next year. She needs a friend so watch this space!!!

Seriously. I've been re-visiting some stuff I did in 2000. This was after a discussion with Joanie Culverhouse who reminded me about the celtic picot (or overlapping picot) butterfly and bug which I did back then. They were once on my site but have somehow got missed out during several re-incarnations of the pattern pages!!!

So, after a good night's sleep the night on Monday and another hectic day organising stuff I was able to settle down to play again yesterday evening. Millie is the result!!!!


Maureen said...

She looks so serious - a bit Miss-Jean-Brodie-ish! A staunch and upright Millipede indeed.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Fabulous Jane, just Fabulous!! She does need a fancy hat to complete her outfit. LOL!!

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Happy Beaks
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