30 November 2008

How silly can you get?

I've always known the expression 'as silly as a sheep' and now I understand it all too well.

Baaaa, baaaa, baaaa. It's me - I'm as silly as a sheep!!!

The Christmas lights in town are all switched on which is a sure signal to me that the dreaded Christmas is almost here. Particularly dreaded this year as I've got so much else to be sorted and settled before then.

Anyway, I noticed the lights on Friday and said to myself (the only person who listens to me!) that I must get out my Christmas 'self' decorations - my Christmas tree earrings and matching brooch out and in use. WRONG. I realised that I hadn't got a set for myself so I spent Friday and Saturday evenings making a set!!! All the ones I've made are either in the Etsy shop or ready to give to people!!!


TattingChic said...

LOL! Well, I have never heard that expression before. Maybe it is something just for my pals "across the pond". I like your silliness, it suits you well and brings a smile to my face! Baaaaaa Baaaaaa baaaaack to you!

I love your Christmas tree earrings and brooch. I almost forgot that they are on my "Christmas presents to me" list!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Silly Willy Janie! I think we all have done that before. Make tatting for everyone else and forget to make one for ourselves. Something like that just happened to me. LOL!! I love your tree brooch and earrings. The bead at the end of the tree is very nice. Is it a pearl? Where did you find it? Have a great day!

BJ said...

I knew the club of folks who would do that sort of thing is small; welcome to the club! I like the trees ~ very beady noel! just me. .bonkers

BJ said...

I've heard "silly as a goose" but that's a new one on me...I like your trees, too. Thanks for sharing the pattern with the on line class.
The idea of black thread and silver beads is intriguing. or how 'bout white with blue or silver? I like your way of adding the beads.
A very Beady Noel...just me!

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