2 December 2008

Well, I'm sorry

I've let everybody down by not having anything to report about what's happening in my little corner of tat land!!!!

Trouble is I've had so much happening in my 'ordinary' life and haven't been sleeping very well because of that! On Sunday and yesterday my main concerns were winning the 'battle of the large shrub'. Armed with secateurs on Sunday and two saws yesterday I'm pleased to report that the wretched thing has been tamed. Tamed almost to death. Why is it that plants seem to always grow in the wrong place and far too vigorously when you don't want them to and when you do they just shrivel up and die? Answers please in the comments section - perhaps we'll solve the problem together!

The only tatting related things I've done over the past few days are sewing the dinosaurs I made onto the dressing gown they were made for yesterday evening and getting in a total mess with an old pattern I decided to re-visit. I think this old pattern could prove a good teaching point for lessons but I've got to tame the silly thing first!!! I hope to have another 'bash' at it this evening - brain cell # 3 permitting, of course.

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Maureen said...

I find that late night TV puts me to sleep instantly! Not sleeping well is horrible, I hope whatever-it-is is soon resolved so that you can fully employ Brain Cell 3 for our benefit.

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Happy Beaks
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