26 January 2009

More Spring Cleaning

I nearly went cross eyed yesterday with my Spring cleaning but it's well worth it.

I love the look of the new files on the web pages. I'm still being methodical about it and have now got several rows down into the 'animal' section. When I've done all the patterns I may take myself in hand and 'titivate' the front page too. Hey, steady up, Jane, that sounds a bit drastic!!!

Some of the patterns are taking a long time as they were done so many years ago. I have to put in colons to separate the element from the numbers needed to work the ring or chain etc. Also there are links to check. I'm also trying to condense some of the patterns so that there is less white space and so that it's more economical for people to print them.

The three sizes of fishes were a total nightmare and one still lacks a link but it can darn well stay like that!!!! Well, for now!!!
Actually, once you get into the rythm of it it's not hard - just time consuming. I even sat and worked at some more patterns in the evening instead of tatting. I'm very motivated when I get a bee in my bonnet!!!

I'm even going to move the Tattysaurus back onto the main site now that he's going to be much smaller in file size. It's with a certain amount of glee that I'm deleting as I go along too!!! The web site looks so much tidier. I just hope that I can keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Jane. The new pages look super.
Jenny Griffin

Bonnie said...

I appreciate your patterns, so this is wonderful news to me. Keep up the great work, Jane!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Jane!! The new pages look great, I like how the pdf file prints too. That's a lot of patterns you need to convert. I appreciate all your hard work and all the wonderful patterns that you share with us all. You are my Tat Hero!!

Angela said...

Wow, what a difference spring cleaning makes. I love the look of your new pages.

Tattycat said...

The new pages look great. You had me scared for a minute. I thought you had actually been "cleaning house!" LOL

Needledreams said...

Didn't notice until I went to "print" one of your patterns. Love it!!! I know it's a lot of work. I have been thinking in reorganizing my site again. But it will be left in the "thinking" pile for a longer time. :-)

Thanks for everything you do for us!

victats@gmail.com said...

New style is lovely...maybe you'll find a 4th brain cell in all this spring cleaning! (giggle)

Valerie said...

you are ever so thoughtful, jane. thanks! nice job at 'springcleaning'.

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