25 January 2009

Spring Cleaning!!!

Spring Cleaning? NOT a favourite occupation of mine - particularly when it comes to the house!!!

So, I'll put you all at ease. Don't worry about me - I've not taken a turn for the worse. I'm not cleaning the house!!!

What I'm doing is converting all my web site (in theory) from html files to - wait for it - pdf files!!! I LOVE pdf files - they always look so clear to me and they have an added advantage of taking up far less room on the server!!!

I started yesterday - and in a logical place, the top of the list!!! Now, let me explain. I'm basically self taught and HATE reading up 'how to' instructions. Nick's forever saying RTFM - which you all know by now stands for Read The F"%&*^% Manual. I can't. I HAVE to work with a little knowledge and instinct!!

So far that's working BUT I've got to work out how to alter some of the links. I know how to do it the 'long way round' but need to do it the 'easy way'!!!!
This is going to work out a lot cheaper than buying a Nintendo DS with a brain training game. I HAD thought about that and a Wii but really, honestly don't know whether they'd ever be delivered to tat land and IF they were - would I have time for them?!?!?!?


Anonymous said...

I think you are great on the pc, much better than I am. I did something with my printer isn't working anymore, wanted to put different things on my blog. don't work Poeple are folowing me, but don't see it on my blog
Can I borrow the 1 braincell from you, just for a little time pleassssssssssssssssssse

Jon Yusoff said...

That is a good idea to convert your patterns to PDF. I visited your patterns page and took a look at one of the patterns. It looked much better, the colours are so 'cheery' (if you know what I mean)

Sorry, I can't help you with the links part

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Happy Beaks
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