30 January 2009


I hit my head on the end of the tunnel!!! Some silly 'person' switched off the light!!!

YES, I got there. Finished the main 'lot' yesterday evening.

I still have the 'guest designers' to do and about 8 pages to upload (after changing them to pdf's) but that's all. I now need to check what all the other files are that I've found sitting on the server!!! I know that I've often uploaded stuff for people to 'collect' and (me being me) then promptly forgotten that they were there!!!

So, there is just a 'little light dusting' to do after these last few files have been completed and then I can tackle the upload to the mirror site. When all that is done I'll change the front page. Not sure what I'm going to do with that - all suggestions welcome!!!

I will allow myself to pick up my shuttles again tomorrow evening. PHEWWWWWWW!


Gina said...

You are due for a special reward! Find yourself some chocolate, a nice glass of wine, and take a deep breath and CONGRATULATE YOURSELF! Whew....that was a lot of work!

Valerie said...

jane, i'll like to take my hat off to you. and a pat on your shoulder -- you did a great job! my tatting pattern docs desperately need some sorting and filing. they are a huge mess on my desktop and on my sofa. LOL

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Happy Beaks
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