23 March 2009


Finally I've finished this handkerchief edging! Started about two years ago and intended as a project whilst on our last visit to America!!! There now, doesn't time fly!!!

We're now planning our next visit having given last year a 'miss'!!!
Now before y'all get too critical. I haven't folded this hanky properly yet but just flung it on the platen 'as is'.

Please note - I NEVER use a picot gauge. OK, who said 'it shows'!!!! Do I care? Nah, life's too short to measure every darn picot. I love to live dangerously anyway!!!

This is one of my own patterns and I must admit I quite like it! This is unusual for me as once I've finished a pattern I am so fed up with it I toss it aside. Well, onto the web page!!

My next project as I'm not in designing 'mode' at the moment is another edging but this time for a tshirt. I'm going to use this one but with alterations to it to give a more substantial 'base' line for sewing on. I MIGHT use it instead for a hanky edging. Not sure just yet.

Before all this starts up in earnest, though, I'll warn you - I'm sewing again. I hope to have at least one wee thing to show you tomorrow!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That is a very pretty handkerchief edging! I think two years is about right for a hankie.

tattrldy said...

Very nice! I can see two years...

Unknown said...

What a beautiful edging! I only wish it was a larger photo! :)

JB said...

That is a beautiful hanky. I love the color combo that you used.

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Love your hanky edging Janey, Oh Janey. Maybe I will get to see you again this coming year. Now wouldn't that be just too much fun?? I wonder what kind of bugsy...you will terrorize us with this year....

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