21 March 2009

New question

What is this?

OK, who shouted out - A MESS?

I'll answer the question straight away.
It's my Ring of Tatters 'sticking kit'!!!

The box at the back with the green handle is holding the motifs.

To the right (and slightly forwards of that) is the nearly depleted bottle of PVA glue. There's a roll of sellotape just in front of the green handled box for holding the day's supply together when I've got enough. We 'allow' 30 bookmarks per day and exhibitions are from 3 to 4 days.

To the left of the sellotape is a green bookmark awaiting it's motif. Below the sellotape is a strip of re-cycled paper to band the 30 together.

Now to the scissors. They are used for cutting off tails of thread - a job I simply HATE as my fingers are usually sticky when this happens. Takes more time to cut tails than to stick!!!

Finally the two most important items in the 'kit'. An old CD and a double pointed fine knitting needle. Now, why would I want those? Simple. I put a blob of glue on the CD and use one end of the needle to load glue on and transfer to the motif. The other end (clean, hopefully) is used sometimes to 'nudge' the motif into place!! There you are - job done. Oh, except for a few hours of time!!!


Maureen said...

what about using a nice, neat little glue stick instead? About the size of a tube of lip balm, and hardly any mess at all!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for the tip, Maureen. I think that a stick like that would cost a lot more to use and probably not stick fabric to card? Hmmm not sure about that last remark. I'll look into that idea.

Tatskool said...

So what are the candles for???...ducking head while waiting for flying CD to chop off head!!!

I use a pin or a cocktail stick for applying glue, your CD is a good idea.

Jane Eborall said...

Candles? Still lurking on the table since 3 or 4 Christmassy's ago!!! They're weights for the motifs that insist on not lying flat!!! The candles are SO manky now but still have their uses!! Cocktail sticks are a good idea but the needle is used time and time and time again!!!

Ridgewoman said...

You crafty gel...X from yer old moo follower!
X Bev

Sewicked said...

There are a few different glue sticks. There's even one that acts like post-it glue. If you wait for a bit before sticking the two pieces together, they'll come off & back on again just like post-its.

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